The Temple of Nine Wells - ATC

Order of the Silver Wheel
Membership Information

If you would like to help support the Temple and it's work; The Temple of Nine Wells offers Associate Membership in the Order of the Silver Wheel for an annual membership tithe of $35.00 US dollars. We now offer the choice of an on-line membership process or conventional mail-in membership forms.

If you opt for the conventional mail-in membership, we ask that you PLEASE send Money Orders only! Basically, we aren't equipped to process credit cards... Don't send cash as we cannot be responsible for it in the mail... and we can't afford the fees if your check bounces! Thanks!!!

What you get:
A subscription to our occasionally published newsletter The Silver Branch, and you are added to our Temple of Nine Wells mailing list to receive notices of upcoming rituals, workshops and events, reduced admission to each of the Temple's Workshops (which in itself, is worth the price of membership!), a nifty Membership card, and the knowledge that you are helping to support a vital part of the Wiccan community!

The Temple is operated strictly on the donations and contributions of it's Members and supporters. We can't do it without you!

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