The Temple of Nine Wells - ATC

A Brief discussion of Witches Ritual Etiquette
for Members and Guests of
The Temple of Nine Wells - ATC Salem, Massachusetts

Many people who attend our rites may not be familiar with our ways and the ways of the Craft, therefore we offer here a brief discussion of Circle etiquette, in other words, proper behavior in a Witches magick circle. Although The Temple of Nine Wells is an eclectic multi traditional congregation offering open rituals and does not function like a coven, we do observe basic ritual practices which are considered standard within Wicca. One of the most fundamental of ritual practices is the casting of a circle in ritual to create sacred space. The magick circle becomes our Temple, our place to meditate, to alter our consciousness, a hallowed place in which to invoke the Goddess and God, to commune with each other and our own high selves and to work magick. Once the magick circle is cast it is not to be broken until it is ritually released. Breaking the circle shows lack of respect for what we do here at the Temple of Nine Wells and poor Witches' etiquette.

Even though in order to accommodate a large amount of people, we cast our circle of energy and light to the walls, once the circle has been cast, when someone walks in or out of this room, up or down the stairs, or leaves the circle to use the restroom, the circle of energy and light that has been cast is broken and this breech creates a disruption to the continuity and feeling of the ritual and to the magick in which we are all participating.

Though we very much have appreciated those members of the Temple of Nine Wells Community who have arrived early, have used the restroom if necessary, and have been prepared for ritual to begin at the posted time, we have repeatedly had to delay starting our rituals on time to prevent the disruption of our circle by the few late-arriving individuals who would break the cast circle with their late entrances and also people who walk out during our ceremonies. Now we are asking for your understanding and cooperation as we begin a new approach to protecting the integrity of our circle in order to provide for a ritual that starts on time and continues with the least amount of disruptions possible.

First, we will no longer be able to wait for late arrivals. Once the ritual has begun a warder will stand watch downstairs to explain that the circle has been cast and latecomers will not be allowed to enter. This will emphasize the need for all attendees to arrive early enough to use the restroom and be prepared to start the ritual at the posted time. Second, once the ritual has started, if you must disrupt the circle and use the restroom, know that once you leave the ritual space, you will need to wait inside the restroom area until the ritual has concluded and the circle has been released in order to avoid the breaking the circle again with your return.

You are all most welcome to share these Witchcraft rituals with us but if any of you feel that you may need to leave the circle before we have concluded our rites, we ask you, as a courtesy to all in attendance, to leave before we start. Stay if ye will, go if ye must, Blessed Be!

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