Establishing the Maypole as the Axis Mundi:

It is believed by Mystics world wide that each heart and soul is connected at birth, and remains eternally connected, with the very Center of the Mystical Universe. This center of the Universe, the Anima Mundi or World-Soul, transcends both Time and Space for it can be found in all places and all times by reaching deep within the Heart of Eternity, at the core of each of our individual souls. This Soul-Core, once found, is in constant attunement with all that lives on and within our Mother Earth.

Sometimes such a center of power is identified for symbolic purposes with a real geographical place, like Mount Meru for the Tibetans, Mount Olympus for the worshippers of the Greek Gods, the Stone of Sovereignty on Tara Hill, the Cheops Pyramid which united Upper and Lower Egypt, the Bodhi Tree in India where it is said that the Buddha attained enlightenment,or even where the Cross was erected on Mount Calvary.

Other times, it is located in a more mythical setting, like the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden or the World-Tree, Yggdrasil which connects the Worlds of the Gods and Spirits with Midgard, the mortal realm which is ours.

This Mystical Center or World-Soul intersects with a cosmic shaft of energy about which our Mother Earth spins called the Axis Mundi, and for our empowerment this evening, we will establish this mystical vibratory axis of All-That-Is right here in the midst of Salemís Old Town Hall with our Temple of Nine Wells Maypole Rite.
Our Maypole will be become the Axis Mundi and all present at our rite will be reconnected to the World-Soul, for tonight we celebrate the marriage of Heaven and Earth. Beltane is the time of the Sacred Marriage of Goddess and God, a union which unites the celestial wisdom of the Stars with the deep chthonic knowledge and energy of the Earth Mother, She who gave each of us birth and to whom we ever remain connected while in life. The electric stellar celestial energies of the Universe will flow down our Maypole tonight, from the stars to earth, and in response, the magnetic energies of our Earth- Mother will rise up, penetrating right through the floor we stand upon to course and surge through of our bodies. We, Gaiaís children, will become one for a time with the World Soul. We will experience and partake of this mighty power, that it may indwell us and empower us.
May we may use this Cosmic Energy wisely to assist with our evolution and the flowering of our consciousness. Our Maypole Dance here at the Temple of Nine Wells is intended to create a bridge between Heaven and Earth, a pathway for the Wisdom of the Stars to reach us and merge with the powers of deep Earth healing, from the very center of the Earth to the center of our Souls for our greatest good and the Good of All. So mote it be.

© 2004 e.v.

Richard Ravish H.P.
Salem, Massachsetts