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Salem Witch Project

In 1692, the ignorance and evil of the Dark Ages, the Crusades and the Inquisition reached from Europe across the Atlantic, providing us with the Witch Hunters' Hysteria in Salem. This was the final gasp of the Church's policy to exterminate rival faiths through torture, murder and seizure of property. (Finally, this truth is now being acknowledged. We refer you to the papal document "Memory and Reconciliation", which in no way can remedy 1000+ years of religious persecution.) We thank the Goddess, that dark and sorrow-filled period is over!

Because of its history, the identity of Salem, Massachusetts has become inextricably intertwined with Witchcraft in modern popular culture. Thus, it has become the sacred duty of Temple of Nine Wells-ATC to clarify what Witchcraft truly is and distinguish it from the misconceptions, stereotypes and tawdry quasi-historical presentations that big business and mass media have been using for exploitation and profit, both locally and nationally.

The Temple of Nine Wells, an affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, is a Multi-Traditional public Wiccan Congregation based in Salem, Massachusetts. The primary purpose and function of the Temple is to support, propogate and teach the tenets and practices of the Wiccan religion and to encourage and foster tolerance and interaction among members of the Wiccan Community and the many differing faiths of the world. The Temple of Nine Wells was established to celebrate the Eight Sabbats of the Witches' Wheel of the Year and share these open rituals with the local members and friends, and the multitudes of visitors to Salem who are practitioners or friends of the Craft. Thousands of people have participated in our celebrations during the last decade and the Temple of Nine Wells community is flourishing and expanding, as is our vision for the Temple's future. ¹

Now is the time for an important change to take place in Salem. As an alternative to commercialism and exploitation, it is imperative for us to establish a landmark and shrine to the life-affirming religion of Witchcraft. We plan to create a cultural and educational community center, a permanent site to hold Temple activities, in order to portray the practice of magick as an evolutionary pathway to spiritual develpment and higher consciousness. We invite you to join us in this work.

With economic empowerment we can move forward. Adequate funds can make these building plans possible! Our first fundraising goal of the TNW's five-year plan is $500,000.

We are asking all supporters of religious freedom, as well as all members of the Wiccan/Pagan Community-at-large, to lend support to this important project by getting involved with TNW fundraising wherever you live! If you have an idea for a psychic fair, yard sale, event night, or any reasonable legal endeavor please get in touch with us and we'll brainstorm with you. If you have items or professional services you would be able to donate for an auction or raffle, please let us know how we can work with you. The Temple of Nine Wells-ATC will also gratefully accept and land, buildings, valuable assets or tithing that you can contribute.

Restore Magick, the natural birthright of humanity. Let the Goddess and Gods live again in the hearts and minds of all who visit Salem, Massachusetts.

In Light, Love, Life and Liberty,

Rev. H.P. Rich Ravish
Rev. H.Ps. Amy "Gypsy" Ravish

¹ We wish to thank the City of Salem for allowing us the use of public areas for our celebrations during the past 15+ years.

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